Many members of the James L. West staff work together to support a family in admitting a loved one into our care.


Free of Stress

Our desire is to make each admission as free of stress and as comfortable as possible.

The admission process is the first step in forming a rich and meaningful relationship between your family and James L. West. We are here to support you at each step, from an initial one-on-one consultation, to helping your loved one settle in.

The process has three main steps:



1. Visit James L. West

We strongly encourage families to visit the Center to learn about our programs and services. This is a perfect time to meet our staff and residents, appreciate the environment of the Center, see our recreational programs, and observe  dining.

We will meet with you confidentially to determine the most appropriate placement at the Center for your loved one.

It's important to know that we occasionally have a waiting list for residential care, because we place residents to ensure the most suitable level of care and also to meet your apartment choice.

The James L. West Alzheimer's Center does not discriminate with regard to patient admissions, room assignment, patient services, or employment on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, disability or age. If assistance or communication aids for impaired hearing, vision, speech, or manual skills are needed, The Center will make reasonable accommodations.

We also have a virtual tour you can view here.

2. Complete the Resident Application

Complete and return the application to the Center. If your loved one is not ready for residential care yet — or if the type of suite you require is unavailable — you can be placed on the waiting list. We’ll notify you when a space is available. At the time of admission we will also need a copy of general and medical powers of attorney or guardianship.

3. Schedule an Appointment with Your Family Physician

Your family physician will need to perform a general physical exam of your loved one and to send the Center a medical history along with the most recent medical records, including any diagnoses and test results.



1. Schedule a Pre-admission Meeting

At this meeting, we’ll complete all of the necessary paperwork and collect pre-payment of the first month’s charges, plus a deposit equal to one month’s charges. We will also finalize the date and time for your loved one to arrive at the Center.

2. Arrange for Personal Furniture and Items

The day of the pre-admission meeting is a good time to visit your loved one's new home and make any necessary arrangements to have personal items brought in.

All rooms are furnished, but you may bring your own chairs, end tables, dressers and other items, as space permits. Photos and other personal items are important, but we ask that you not include breakable items (e.g., glass in photo frames, vases, televisions, etc.). We also ask that valuable or irreplaceable items be left at home.


Day of Admission

Welcome From the Nursing Staff

Our nursing staff will welcome your loved one into the room and help him or her unpack and get settled. They’ll introduce your loved one to the new neighbors and the staff.

Meet with the Management Team

While your loved one is settling in, a family member will meet with the management team to share information. The purpose of this important meeting is to make sure everyone has clear expectations and to begin coordinating the information to create an individualized plan of care to meet your loved one’s needs and preferences.