Volunteer Opportunities

James L. West

Center for Dementia Care

Volunteer Opportunities at James L. West

We offer many ways for you to put your skills to work to benefit our residents and Adult Day Program participants. Volunteers are placed to best serve and support the mission of James L. West in caring for residents and day program participants.

Find your place among the opportunities below:

    • Honorary Volunteer - Families & friends of residents/participants, JLW Affiliates, or other designated 'Honorary Members"
    • Veteran Volunteer - Current and active-duty military service personnel connect with residents who are veterans
    • "Welcome to the JLW Family" Volunteer - Welcome and assist new residents and families, put together welcome gifts/baskets
    • "Keeping Our Home Beautiful" Volunteer - Assist in maintaining the beauty of the JLW houses and building
    • "Expressive Arts" Volunteer - Share your vocal or instrumental music talents, teach dance/movement or theater performance

    • "Food for the Soul" Volunteer - Hosts and plans cooking time with residents/participants
    • 11th Hour Volunteer - Provides individualized support to JLW residents who are actively passing or provides caregiver relief as needed
    • Final Salute & Final Farewell Volunteer - Assists with honoring JLW residents and veteran residents who have passed
    • "Memories-in-the-Making" Volunteer - Creates special legacy projects with residents.
    • "Staying Active!" Volunteer - Hosts or assists with leading simple exercises, explores gardens or gardening, and plays active games with residents

    • "Everything Science" Volunteer - Host and plan safe and fun science experiments with residents/participants
    • "Everything Social!" Volunteer - Host social hours, assist with birthday celebrations, play games, build, arrange flowers, lead book club and more
    • "Bus Trip!" Volunteer - Assist residents/participants with day trips to fun and special places around the community
    • "Learning League" Volunteer - Host informative teaching sessions with pre-approved topics from the Volunteer Coordinator
    • Emotional Support Companion - Provides companionship and emotional support to residents/participants/families as needed and appropriate

    • Spiritual Support Companion - Provides spiritual support in addition to chaplain visits as needed and appropriate
    • Relaxation Support Companion - Utilizes approved relaxation techniques to care for residents/participants, ex. Compassionate Touch, chair/wheelchair yoga, meditation
    • "Kids of Joy!" Volunteer - Requires a parent or responsible guardian - Bring children to perform or interact with residents
    • Administrative Volunteer - Assist with fundraising, special projects, events, front desk, or other administrative support needs
    • Additional Specialty Volunteer - Share special talents and trainings with JLW residents and families. Will be evaluated, observed and approved to ensure safety and suitability

    • "Love Our Pets" Volunteer - Assist with taking care of and loving on JLW's beloved pets (rabbit & fish)
    • Pet Therapy Volunteer - Pet Therapy card and vaccination record required
    • Pet Companion Volunteer - Vaccination record is required unless otherwise noted/discussed
    • Other Volunteer Ideas - Tell us how you'd like to support our residents/participants

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