Easing Caregiver Costs

Caring for a loved one with dementia not only costs families financially, but also emotionally, mentally and physically. The cost of poorer health, the rise of financial expenses, the loss of relationships as they once were, are just some examples of how high these caregiver costs can be.  

James L. West understands the weight of these costs and is teaching families and the community how to ease their impact. Through free family caregiver trainings and on-going informational events, caregivers are giving the skills needed to successfully care for someone with dementia and lessen the caregiver load.

The Alzheimer’s Association 2018 Fact Sheet reported, “Compared with caregivers of people without dementia, twice as many caregivers of those with dementia indicate substantial emotional, financial and physical difficulties.” The importance of caregivers understanding the disease, learning stress management techniques and coping skills cannot be understated.

The Caregiver Training walks caregivers through the disease and what to expect. It teaches skills and techniques on how to better communication and manage difficult behaviors, guides them through the proper legal and financial documents, explains the different care options and resources that are available, and offers coping skills, ways of relieving stress and support. Caregivers that empower themselves with these tools and knowledge will be able to live with much less stress and emotional and mental cost throughout their journey.

To learn more or sign up for an educational program please contact the James L. West Center at caregiver@jameslwest.org or 817-877-1199.